I don’t think it has competition at it’s price & performance. Archived. FiiO A3 Vs E11K. X. Thread; User; FiiO Forums»Forums › Download and Share › Knowledge … Up until that point FiiO’s amps were good but didn’t really cut it for use with the likes of an Audeze or Hifiman Planar. Description. The A5 continues to use the E12A’s highly effective MUSESO2 + LME49600 opamp combo. Joined Aug 31, 2010 … Another nice bonus is the lowered noise floor from the improved low-pass bass boost filter switch found on the FiiO E10-K. Rule 1? When the E12 stock first came out it was billed as FiiO’s ‘budget portable amp’ answer to the planar power game which was being played by almost every amp maker into headphones in 2013. Essentially, the A5 is the combination of the E12 and the E12A. 12. I was initially going to write the review as some slight … FiiO E12 – The Mont Blanc. FiiO designs, produces and sells high-quality products at favorable prices to those who love music and style; our high-resolution digital audio players, portable headphone amplifiers, DACs and earphones have all received praise from the majority of users. Sort by. The A5 also holds the official golden Hi-Res Audio label. They managed to put out a product at such a low price with good hardware and sound. The E12 is not going to wow people with high end units but for the price, it is a great unit. In addition, all major components utilize high-precision metal film resistors. best. Jun 18, 2018 9660 VIEWS. The Harmon Kardon, AKG store was around the corner from my hotel. Go. FiiO’s lineup of pocket amps and DAC’s have been very well received and considered bang for buck for those on a tight budget but still striving for something above average. The new FiiO A5 achieves nearly the same powerful output of the original E12 Mont Blanc unit but with improved channel balance and a lower noise floor that's ideal for driving highly sensitive in-ear headphones on the 'Low Gain' setting. Of course the proof is in the pudding so we hooked up some test systems and put a range of IEM’s in with the DX90, the E12 and E12a using the FiiO HS2 for some quick comparison on the fly. When operated on battery, it rivals the best of the desktop headphone amplifiers. There is plenty of power to drive just about any headphone with very low output impedance. Disclaimer: The FiiO Q5 was sent to us by FiiO directly in exchange for our honest review. 17. Covers manufacturer defects only. REVIEW: FIIO A5 – THE NEW E12 AKA MY FAV FIIO AMP. save hide report. The 812s had a much … Search: Search!search_this_forum! Fiio E12 Vs E17. Highlights. The FiiO E12 Mont Blanc is a realization of FiiO enginuity yet again. If you only need a headphone amp (having your own DAC) the E12 is best, oth ... E18 vs E12 ,FiiO Forums. Strong Internals Make For A Lively Listen. Facebook Sales Agents Aliexprss Store News Support&FAQ Forums!switch_blind! I don't think we have seen this combination before. These factors, along with better design and component selection, allow the A5 to achieve a total … FiiO A5 Hi-Res Titanium Portable Headphone Amplifier. The only difference I could tell between the 812s and K7xx was loudness at a given volume setting. level 1. Several products from FiiO have created record sales in their respective product segments and have received countless awards. Gain switch for matching output to headphone power needs - Superior sound quality through expertly selected components and design, utilizing OPA1642 preamp and AD8397 amp section - For controls, the amplifier includes a low-high gain toggle switch, a rotary … Next Last. Larger headphone amplifiers are designed for optimal power output at 850mW and a high power supply of 22V. FiiO A5 Hi-Res Titanium Portable Headphone Amplifier. So just wondering what the community thought. FiiO E12 vs Schiit Magni? Not purchase advice but rather discussion on pros and cons. Advertiser Disclosure. We put this link to make you read also this Fiio Q1 vs Fiio A3. Equipment Forums. Initially the results made me feel there was not a huge level of differences in both units when the volumes where equalized from the source and the amps. Everything is well crafted, well marketed and well received but perhaps lacking in one area that new manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to … The Fiio A5 thread: an upgrade of E12A, MUSES02+LME49600, 800mW, 19Vp-p, 12 hours So FiiO strikes again with another excellent product that has no competition at … Founded in 2007, FiiO now is a major brand in the hi-fi circles, offering a wide range of audiophile products. I was BLOWN AWAY. Hamsterdrive. This thread is archived . The Chinese headphone specialist has launched its latest portable headphone amplifier, which is an upgrade over the popular E12 series by Fiio. You’re getting the same amplifier chip as the one used in the expensive, X7 Mark II. Portable Headphone Amps. Rule 1? Posted by. It allows for a balanced input, as well as line in/line out. Be the first to Review this product ₹9,990 ₹10,299. The new Fiio A5 portable amplifier is available in a titanium and black color. If you are a headphone guy and miss the raw power of the E12 but needed something more refined, smoother and with lower noise then the A5 is a quality upgrade. The new Fiio A5 portable amp is available in titanium and black. 5 years ago. Price:$120 More pics of FiiO E12: REVIEW: FIIO A5 – THE NEW E12 AKA MY FAV FIIO AM. It runs circles around the venerable post-11299339. My menu. Warranty. In fact, E12 is special designed for this. I used my personal Fiio X5 gen 1 with Fiio E12 as source. NFB-15 ~> HD600|Mad Dogs 3.2|M&D … Current price is 349$ and around 379€ around various websites. TOPPING NX3 vs Fiio A3; Product Comparison: TOPPING NX3 vs Fiio A3. It can drive all of the power hungry iems / ciems or portable headphones out there. Close. The FiiO Q1 Mark II gives you a lot of bang for your buck. more_vert. Depending on the amount of charge available, the charging … This is especially important if you want to use your Q1 as a pure DAC when connecting to an external amp. Portable Amps & DACs. Sold Out. Packing a combination of an OPA1611 and the LME49600 buffer the E12 boasted just shy of … Feb 7, 2015 at 2:06 PM. FiiO started with amplifiers, that is how they made their name and the $129.99 A5 could be considered the 3rd generation of the original E12 which came out in 2013 and was then an answer to the crazy power output quest we all had when planars made a big comeback. FiiO A3 FiiO E11K; Brand: Fiio: Fiio: Key Features - Suitable for headphones ranging from 16 to 150 Ohms. Author:Lieven. The bass boost has also been slightly increased for the A5 (>5dB vs 4dB), but the A5 now also has >75dB crosstalk, vs the E12A’s >85dB. For the E12a user the debate is more complex and buying the A5 or side grading has a lot more variables to consider not least the … To be fair, the E12A was entirely designed and marketed for IEMs, not for full size headphones. The Fiio e12 can resist wear and tear as it is designed to feature a body made of aluminum, making it very durable. FiiO A5: FiiO E12A: FiiO E12: Price ~ USD 125.00-130.00 ~ USD 125.00-130.00 ~ USD 125.00-130.00: Dimensions: 124 x 65.5 x 14.5mm: 124 x 65.5 x 14.5mm: 124 x 65.5 x 14.5mm: Weight: 168g: 166g: 159g: Amplifier chipset: Muses02 + LME49600: Muses02 + LME49600 : LME49710 & LME49600: Output power (16 ohm) 420 mW (THD+N <1%) 600 mW (THD+N <1%) Output power (32 … Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which … Fiio E10K The Fiio E10K headphone amp stage seems like being driven by the potent LMH6643 chipset that provides significantly more power and better transient response than previous iterations. 2017-02-07 It also has a … Share This Review: The A5 is a really great amplifier for the price. Compared to the E12A Fiio says that the A5 has lower distortion (0.002% vs 0.003%), as well as less channel imbalance (<0.5dB vs <0.3dB). Read Full Review. 3% off. Wide. Fiio E12 Fiio E17; Brand: Fiio: Fiio: Key Features - Aluminum body built to withstand wear and tear - Speaker sound field simulation to lessen the "in-head" sound of headphones - 22V high voltage supply with 850mW maximum output power for larger headphones - Charging indicator blinks according to how long charge will take depending on … FiiO A5 MUSESO2 + LME49600 Highly Effective Powerful Portable Headphone Amplifier. … This item is currently out of stock. Thread starter bzippy; Start date Feb 7, 2015; Tags fiio-e12-mont-blanc cayin-c5-portable-hifi-audio-headphone-amplifier; 1; 2; Next. And the functionality of the Q1 greatly supersedes that of the Dragonfly Black. HD6XX With Fiio E10K or Fiio A5 or Fiio Q1? My Budget for them are … FiiO A5 … Audioengine D1 vs. FiiO E10K vs. DragonFly Red FiiO E10K. This is great news for those that have high impedance cans, and as a result couldn’t use the E12A due to its lack of power. Author: Lieven; Review from: Headfonia. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 72% Upvoted. HD650/Q701/ATH W5000. Was in NYC last June for a couple of KC Royals vs NY Mets games. Forums. Auto Login Retrieve Password: Password: Login: Register Now: Login / Sign In. 6 comments. The Fiio E10K … The Fiio A5 is a delightful surprise when it comes to both objective measurements and subjective performance. 3. Marcus. Whilst it contains the same opamps and buffers of the E12A, it now has almost the same amount of power as what the E12 had. 1 of 2 Go to page. FiiO E12 vs Schiit Magni? The appeal of the FiiO A5 will largely depend on what type of earphone or headphone user you are. Thread Starter Post #1 of 16 bzippy 100+ Head-Fier. The downside is the unit isn’t the smallest in size and that you get a basic but nice design. February 13, 2013. FiiO E12 v1 vs Cayin C5 brief comparison Home. Review from samma3a. About FiiO. I spent 30 min auditioning the 812s vs my k7xx (712 annies if story true). share. FiiO делают очень добротные усилители звука для наушников, что и подтверждает FiiO A5. The E10K by contrast is much lighter than a D1, and it’s knob is slimmer length wise but has a greater width. The FiiO E12 is a great piece of gear that deserves all your attention if you are looking for portability. Battery life does seem to have taken a hit though, as Fiio claims roughly 13 hours for the A5, vs >20 hours for the E12A. It does feel substantially cheaper by comparison, but I still don’t find it “cheap.” It’s the perfect size and weight for transport. The A5 is the newest of the E12 amp series but the look&feel still mostly is the same. It features a field simulation of sound coming from your speakers; this reduces your headphone’s ‘in-head’sound. It’s uncertain … It can also drive the Audeze LCD3 and Sennheiser HD800 to a decent level. 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