This may bring in a few aspects of differences that are unique to their work. Is unemployment in Ghana a problem of laziness or is there a real issue? Nursing duty is one that comes with a high level of concentration. Nursing … 58, no. To qualify for such a position, you must be well experienced in neonatal care, labour and delivery as well as prenatal care. They are responsible for ensuring that these patients are well taken care of and are as comfortable as possible. An example is the Korle bu hospital in Ghana which a decade ago was reported to have less nurses, and frustrated nurses who end up being rude on patients. The salary structure of nurses in Ghana was reviewed in 2010 and … It is not surprising that each year, thousands of people apply to the various nursing and midwifery training colleges in Ghana. Diagnosing the disease by analyzing patient’s symptoms and taking required actions for his/her recovery. 2. These attributes are what characterise them from other people. They are often known as scrub nurses. These are patients that suffer from issues such as arthritis and fractures. Their main role is to make assessments and come up with treatment plans. They may be required at any time to help other nurses on the floor by providing personal care to their patients. Essentially, before anyone could be classified as a nurse in Ghana, such a person is expected to have completed three years of professional training in general nursing. In addition to that, you must attain a masters degree. What this means is that salaries of nurses who have studied to diploma and bachelor’s degree level should be increased. Pregnant woman loses baby after being neglected at Ejisu Hospital during labour (video). However, this should be based on the understanding of the fact that the patients are people with different cultural and educational background. They should be able to make the patients see the need to go for a particular medication or treatment as the case may be. Find out here. Nurses are generally known as people who take care of the sick and aged in the society. Therefore, having a good working knowledge of the profession and personal development are very important to any nurse. The professionals here will work directly with cancer patients. 5. Usually, the focus is often on vaccination programs as a preventive measure. Compassion will make you go out of your way to meet the needs of a patient. A charge nurse provides staff with schedules of work duties and assigns them to certain areas or patients. Nursing and Midwifery education is one of the most sought after in Ghana. Nursing in Ghana is classified into different categories. When I casually asked one of the nurses whether she was "facebooking" while on duty, she confidently responded in the affirmative. Such a person must also be willing to care and show compassion to those in need. READ ALSO: Angry Medikal ‘slaps’ Eno Barony as he strikes back again at her amid beef In the video sighted, the unknown nurse gave it hard to the doctors who were filming her and at a point, they lost control. Therefore, in the remaining part of this article we consider the attributes of a great nurse and those qualities that will help them to discharge their duties better. He or she coordinates care given to expectant mothers, helps in the delivering process, and is involved in the after-birth caregiving procedures for both the mother and child. Nurses have the privilege of working in hospitals and other outpatient facilities where they are expected to give patients quality care. Here is the list of the duties and responsibilities of a registered nurse. Apart from the fact that nurses are there to attend to the needs of patients and assist doctors, whichever community where they serve, they are also expected to contribute their quota to the total primary health services of the place. This is the kind that works with surgeons. Using their acquired knowledge to meet the needs of patients. This is why the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care has declared a call to action to demand support for HIV nursing globally, seeking to: Advance nurse-led care through policies and legislation that support nurses' true role in HIV prevention, care, and treatment This respect should cover, not just the rules that govern the healthcare institution but also their colleagues and other people as well. Anyone who would succeed or stand out as a great nurse must be able to think on his or her feet at the speed of light. Wynen EM. 2, pp. The desire to be a nurse is not all that matters, it is also important to have a working knowledge of what the duties of a nurse are. This one cares for children, babies, and neonates. You can become one by gaining a practical nurse's diploma. This is expected to be from an accredited College, and after which, such a person must have a diploma award from the College. SAMPLE REGISTERED NURSE JOB DESCRIPTION . You should be able to enliven the atmosphere when there is the need for it. Location: from Tonaton 2 months ago. As part of meeting the needs of the patient, depending on the situation at hand, they must make sure that they manage situations well. Public Health Nursing started in Ghana in about 1928. Assisting in the generation of evidence based research and using the same to procure solutions. Job Summary This is a full-time position that will be based in districts in Western Region, Ghana. Study background: Several factors influence nurses to advocate for patients in the course of their work including particular patient characteristics. Ms Susan Stallabrass worked tirelessly as co-supervisor of this project and I am very grateful for her support and guidance. Being able to think quickly and come up with the best possible solution to any problem is very important. When you know when to be serious and when to be humorous, it makes you a great nurse. Basically, nurses work alongside doctors and other health officials to ensure the wellness, fitness and healthy living of patients. As enshrined in the Association constitution, the functions of the GRNMA are to: Bring all practising nurses/midwives in Ghana under a unified body. Being responsible and accountable for their professional actions. Nurses are expected to develop their skills and abilities so as to be able to impart knowledge and the principles associated with health to patients and student-nurses or nurse aides who may be working under them. One is through the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program and another option is through the Registered Nurse (RN) program. Their main role is to help patients and families interact since they are well versed in behavioral therapy. Typical nursing duties vary according to the area of specialization. 0. March 4, 2019 - Advertisement - A video of a big booty Ghanaian nurse twerking to “Chocho Mucho” by Bless at a hospital during working hours is fast going viral on social media. 3. This caregiver will definitely be dealing with a lot of pressure as this is a high-end stress level area in the hospital. This is why a nurse is expected to be good at paying attention to details. b. Many mission hospitals have availed themselves of this training, and have given continuous support to these young nurses. These characteristics however, are under reported in Ghana. A Ghanian nurse who went viral during the week for twerking in her uniform while on duty, has been declared wanted by the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives’ Association. Occupational Health and Safety: courses, careers and salaries in Ghana They are meant to help the patients out, especially while they are undergoing a treatment or medication. Also Registered Nurses Jobs. Once a person is able to see others' problems as his or her problem, it will position such a person to qualify for studying more about the profession. Use our Career Test Report to get your career on track and keep it there. While Registered Nurse workers with Bachelors Degree education earn the least, with an average gross income of GHS 2,500. It is imperative for nurses to be able to administer medications to patients and also monitor their response to the treatment. The expert may work in municipalities and must be registered and have a degree in Nursing. To be able to work in this department, just like the ICU, a nurse needs to have a Bachelors in Nursing degree as well as other relevant credentials. This is a person with an adventurous spirit that takes on temporary jobs locally and internationally in order to care for the sick while on the move. Nursing is not just a profession but also a call that cannot be answered by everyone. N. T. Donkor and L. D. Andrews, “21st century nursing practice in Ghana: challenges and opportunities,” International Nursing Review, vol. nursing role in: education related to immunisation, immunisation prescribing and policy and programme development activities. While others think the professional is supposed to wash patients and feed them, there are those that think that their role is to treat the sick. A statistically significant association was found between position (junior/senior nurse) and emigration intentions χ … This one must be certified to offer care to the mentally ill people. Note that the patients also include families as well as communities as the case may be. Video: Curvy Ghanaian Nurse Tw*rking On Duty Goes Viral. This probably because of their need to balance their pay with other jobs. This will help them to avoid making errors or other costly mistakes. One thing attributed to committed nurses is that they make sure that patients enjoy quality and maximum health care services. They are responsible for administering chemotherapy and other cancer-related treatments, not to mention monitoring the sick. 4. 3. 1. 1. READ ALSO: Angry trainee nurses threaten to boycott class due to delayed allowances. nurse is a caregiver for patients and helps to manage physical needs, prevent illness, and treat health conditions. They should then be able to come up with an implementable plan to cater to them. Here's what we learned about the role of a nurse while in Ghana, Africa! This type of caregiver works with patients whose problems are specifically mu-skeletal. Video of a Ghanaian nurse twerking on duty goes viral on social media. Other duties may include administering medications, and checking medication dosages an… A cross-sectional study was conducted in Ghana to examine the impact of workplace violence on nurses’ emigration intentions from 2013-14. Today’s top 32 Nursing jobs in Ghana. Apart from this, people will also be adequately informed as to when to call on nurses and what to call them for. A charge or ward nurse establishes or contributes to the overall health care plans for their patients. It is good that a nurse should be able to relate well with patients. General Purpose. Nurses of the Princess Marie Louis Hospital (PML) in Accra were used in rendering these services. In order to provide emotional and psychological support to the patients and their families, RNs create harmonious environment. He or she works with communities after monitoring various illnesses in the community. This job description clearly lists the general tasks and responsibilities involved in the overall nursing care of patients. They need to attend to babies with heart problems, premature babies, as well as those born with certain birth defects. More so, they serve to educate patients on how to care for themselves at home after treatment among other things. In the viral video, the nurse had her backside to the camera as she twerked, while someone’s hand tapped her butt. So, what exactly does a nurse do? Here are the main duties of a nurse in Ghana You can only benefit from the government after doing your time or paying up. Understands the enrolled nurse role and boundaries in relation to scopes of practice within the registered nurses delegation. This is actually one of the senior-most nurse in the healthcare system. Nurses are there for the administration of nursing care to patients who are ill, disabled or with injuries. Apart from that, we also take a look at what it really means to be a nurse and different categories of nurses that we have in Ghana. Due to the sensitive nature of their role and the stakes involved, high quality must be maintained hence the need for a minimum Bachelors Degree in nursing as a qualification. Being an excellent administrator which helps facilitate the proper running of healthcare units. Select the relevant duties and job requirements to develop a job description for your specific nursing job. A video of a well endowed Ghanaian nurse tw**king to “Chocho Mucho” by Bless at a hospital during working hours is fast going viral on social media. It is important for a patient to receive the right care when being transferred from one place to the other. Nurses are often relegated to reduced practice roles and are sidelined. Based on this, we have the following: Differentiating between a true nurse and others is usually not burdensome. As part of their duties, a nurse should be capable of advising patients on how to maintain their health and prevent diseases. This one works under the supervision of a supervising Registered Nurse (RN). But this time round, this bed we have laid as Ghanaian nurses, is for our own use Since yesterday when information about government rsquo;s proposal to engage graduate unemployed nurses in its youth employment program hit social media, there rsquo;s been a lot of hue and cry about its implications for the nursing profession in Ghana. This is 821.78% lower of what Some College degree holders earn. Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the news that matters from one of the leading news sites in Ghana, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, Occupational Health and Safety: courses, careers and salaries in Ghana, Who is a nurse: types, roles and careers in Ghana. Is it true that a nurse is confined to offering healthcare services in the hospital alone? These nurses work hand in hand with other experts such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers to better the condition of the sick person. With the understanding of the duties of a nurse, you are better placed to appreciate their services. What exactly is caregiving when it comes to nursing? My parents Joseph and Monica Nkwati were always there to provide vital psychological and financial support. This has made the Ghana hospitals to be at a bad condition. Students are still taught to follow the functional model of nursing care which is used in the majority of health care facilities. Use our Job Search Tool to sort through over 2 million real jobs. They are meant to give reliable directions that will advance, generally, health services. This is important because, in understanding what their functions are, it will help patients in their relationship with them. He or she ensures that the patient is handed over properly and that they receive the right kind of care while in transit. These qualities include the following: It is not enough to just discharge duties, it must be carried out with some form of respect. It is based on this that this article is written. So, being able to pay a maximum attention to whatever detail that is given to them is vital. By RASHAD. It aims at analysing the basic duties of nurses in Ghana. For one to qualify to work here, there is the need to acquire masters or bachelors degree in nursing. In most cases when nurses lay beds, they do it for patients. Their duties were as follows:- Visit the children who were receiving treatment at the hospital in their homes. While there are similarities, there are reflective variances as well. While a nurse does not need to have necessarily gone through the situation of the patient, at least, he or she should know the best way to comfort them at any time. The services these experts render cannot be taken for granted for it is a great show of sacrifice. New Nursing jobs added daily. They can also provide health care for children below the age of 18 years, meaning that adolescents can also be attended to by them. As such, we shall look at the different types of nurses in hospitals and their specific roles there. Globally, nurses play an essential role in healthcare provision scheme by stimulating health, preventing illness, restoring health, and lessening suffering [26 1. The geriatric nurses may perform general functions but they have special training to take care of the aged. They also help them in the professional discharge of their assignment. Under general supervision, they deliver care to patients utilizing the nursing process of assessment, planning, intervention, implementation, and evaluation, in accordance with established philosophy. However, there may be distinctions between the different nurses in hospitals based on their working stations. This one works on healthcare provision that is community specific. This expert caregiver tasked with the responsibility of being a care giver to senior citizens. They are often called the critical care nurses whose credential is often very high compared to others. This is also a senior nurse whose specialty is in taking care of critically ill patients that need specialized care. It will make the nurse to also give the required attention and care to whosoever the patient under their care is. Coordinating with physicians and other healthcare professionals for creating and evaluating customized care plans. They also care for the patient post surgery. Nurses are a crucial component of the healthcare system as they help make patients get better, not to mention the assistance they give to doctors. It looks like dullness is still engulfing the happiness out of everybody in Ghana especially nurses … Nurses became both legally and ethically accountable to the patient. 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By. However, there is a possibility that people have not really understood the duties of a nurse in Ghana properly. When these are done, they are expected to take note of the signs and communicate them to the doctors in charge. The role of the Nurse Assistant - Clinical (Enrolled Nurse) will be to act as ... Show more> Nurses needed urgently . Registered Nurses Key tasks / duties: 1.0 To provide quality, competent, clinical care that enhances the well-being of patients. PIP: An earlier paper described the training of enrolled nurses for work as nurse practitioners in Berekum. Like the soldier she obeys the call of duty and if need be gives her life for the cause” (in Holden 1991: 68). To be clear, the following is a breakdown of the expected duties that a nurse must carry out in Ghana and beyond. ! Next to the licensed practical nurse, registered nurses are also quite common since they work in various sectors of the hospital. They should be able to enlighten the patients on how to avoid some of the health challenges they are faced with and even possible first-aid treatment they can access depending on the nature of their health issue. Promote a better understanding and dignity of the profession. The requirement of their profession which entails the ability to keep confidential matters must also be respected among other things. They observe all patients and record their observations in reports to patients’ primary physicians. Apart from the fact that a nurse need to be certified or registered, there are certain attributes that are expected to be displayed by them. Even though there are some times when a nurse is expected to show a sign of seriousness depending on the situation at hand, he or she is also expected to create some moments for humour. READ ALSO: Midwifery Council honour nurse for delivering baby on a bus. They are to make sure that the patients get the necessary attention that they need as well as extend the hand of love and care to them also. This is probably the biggest question anyone should ask. Some of these categories include the following: However, apart from the mentioned categories, the other way through which these nurses can be classified is through the education. It is likely that people have the wrong notion about what these caregivers do on a daily basis. View at: Publisher Site| Google Scholar … Carrying out health needs as planned and identified by the community. Methods: The objective of the study was to determine the patient characteristics that influence the advocacy role of nurses. To be clear, the following is a breakdown of the expected duties that a nurse must carry out in Ghana and beyond. With an associate nursing degree, you can become a registered nurse. Note that the patients also include families as well as communities as the case may be. The role of the nurse as patient advocate was not widely embraced in Ghana until 1992 when the Patient Charter Act was introduced by the Ghana Health Service (GHS, 1992). As part of the basic duties which they are expected to carry out are the administration of medications to the patients. Nurses may share a few traits and processes but they do not work in the same area, even in the same hospital. This one has a major role which is to care for patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) play a minimal role in the practice of immunisation in most countries surveyed. These are responsible for taking care of babies born with defects. Show more>. A nurse is expected to be capable of assessing the health problems and the needs of a patient. The nature of their role is such that they can offer different care services to patients in the hospital. Overall Purpose of the Role This position works alongside the Medical Coordination Manager (MCM), to form the Raleigh Medical Team, a part of the Safety and International Operational Support (SIOS) team at Raleigh Head Office. You must be an RN to get grants, publish papers, and even collect and analyse data as well as presenting it. Nurses care for people who are sick, injured, convalescent or disabled.
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