THIS IS YORK • Copyright 2020 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in, Is this UIUC’s next mascot? The first performance ended with a drum major, dressed as the University of Pennsylvania’s mascot, who met Illiniwek at midfield with a peace pipe and the two walked off the field arm in arm. High 44F. The Fighting Illini mascot, Chief Illiniwek, first appeared in 1926 when the assistant director of bands at the school got the idea of having a Native American war dance performed at halftime of football games. Get the latest headlines on local sports! “What we don’t want is just a run-of-the-mill falcon or wolf or something common. But most importantly, it will bring back the spark to the campus that it’s been missing ever since Illiniwek was removed. It would be nonbinding, “more a straw poll than anything,” he said. It lives here,” she said. Many simply said “Bring back the Chief.” At least one critic argued that collegiate teams with bird mascots typically don’t fare well. He has expressed strong support for some kind of “new traditions.”. “Our mascot or new symbol has to be OK with the majority of the student body. The idea won positive reviews from that organization, which could put it up to an advisory vote in the spring, though that process is just beginning, President Connor Josellis said. However, a recent proposal that has gone viral may finally fill the vacant position. If it wins approval, student government leaders would likely approach administrators about the general idea, he said. From 1926 to 2007, Chief Illiniwek was the symbol for the Fighting Illini. A female belted kingfisher is shown perched on a branch along the shore of Sprague Lake in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. That idea lost by only 300 votes out of more than 7,300 cast, a big turnout for a student election. It's a bird native to Illinois. Hulsey presented her design to Illinois Student Government last week after getting major traction when she posted it online. The new mascot would take the place of Chief Illiniwek after the NCAA banned it in 2005. Alma Otter represents just the tip of the iceberg. The two-day, non-binding vote will gauge whether to make the belted kingfisher the new mascot. This push has led to the Otter becoming a miniature viral sensation, as it now has its own petition and Facebook page. The Alma Otter has become so popular that the Illinois Student Government even voted this week to put the Alma Otter on the official university symbol ballot. We want to build our school spirit, and we want to make sure the entire student body can get behind (it),” he said. Wait- please don’t leave. The female belted kingfisher, as it happens, is mostly blue, with an orange belt — sometimes a dark navy, sometimes a bluish gray, but definitely blue. Ultimately, Hulsey said she doesn’t have a “personal investment” in the kingfisher, but “I want a mascot that can go have fun, crazy antics on the field.”, She thinks the other ideas popularized to date “all have merit.”, “I think the Alma Otter is adorable. A new Illinois mascot is being pitched and it's been met with plenty of criticism. A vast majority of the University Senate voted in favor of an orange-and-blue belted kingfisher as a new mascot for the University at Monday’s meeting. External organizati… The University of Illinois student government is offering a “buyback” of “racist” merchandise featuring the school’s former mascot, Chief Illiniwek. You have permission to edit this article. In 2007, the University of Illinois stopped using Chief Illiniwek as their mascot in order to respect the cultural heritage of the Illini tribe. Introducing Alma Otter: The Mascot Illini Nation Deserves. The design was created by a … The resolution called for … Now I know what you’re thinking: This is ridiculous! I think that’s what the kingfisher is,” she said. Since that controversial decision, the university has been completely mascot … “Is no mascot at all working for us?” Hulsey said. There was an error processing your request. Some academic departments adopted official stances in favor of retirement of the symbol. There’s also another mascot option in play from sophomore Mike Skibski, who looked into the history behind the “Fighting Illini” and found the term surfaced in the 1920s as Memorial … Sunshine and a few afternoon clouds. That’s right, I am in full support of this new mascot. The mascot would also fit in with some of the rest of the Big 10 mascots like the Minnesota Golden Gophers and the Wisconsin Badgers. That stays in line with the Memorial Stadium theme. This is wildly different! But the school wants to select a mascot to be on the sideline and at events… However, as the result of incredibly hard work done by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to reintroduce them to the state, there are now otters in every single county in Illinois. The ultimate decision lies with UI athletics and Chancellor Robert Jones. The plan is not to replace the Fighting Illini nickname the school's teams now use, campus spokeswoman Robin Kaler said. An email has been sent to with a link to confirm list signup. Why not a soldier, to represent all the Illini that have served in the military. Hulsey started sketching out a design one day just for fun while learning Adobe Illustrator and thought, “This would be a good idea.”. Julie Wurth is a reporter covering the University of Illinois at The News-Gazette. The university appears to be rolling out a new otter mascot, for some reason, cleverly named "Alma Otter." From the mid-1970s, the Chief was the subject of debate at the University of Illinois. Maybe it’s time to give the “Alma Otter” its chance to swim into the hearts of all of America. “When we do get a symbol or mascot, that’s probably how it will start.”. Let me introduce you to the “Alma Otter”, a mascot based on the famous statue on campus called the Alma Mater. The earliest recorded usage of the term "Illini" appears to have been in January 1874, when the weekly student newspaper changed its name from The Student to The Illini. “It does seem like it’s time for us to move on,” he said. Inspired by the Illini students who fought and died in WWI, the mascot stands tall in traditional orange and blue WWI uniform. Illinois Fighting Illini Primary Logos History. The student body has recently been pushing this adorable mammal as the new mascot, finally filling the hole left by Illiniwek’s departure. Otters have a lot of historical significance in Illinois. Someone else shared it on a Facebook page called “UIUC Memes for Underfunded Teens,” where it drew 162 comments. It’s orange and blue. Students at the University of Illinois last week voted in favor of adopting the Belted Kingfisher, an orange and blue bird native to the state, as the school’s mascot. “We haven’t had one in over 10 years. To learn more about the logistics of each mascot, a simple … In 2007, the University of Illinois stopped using Chief Illiniwek as their mascot in order to respect the cultural heritage of the Illini tribe. Josellis said Jones will need the backing of the student body if he decides to move forward with a mascot. We recommend using the Illinois Fighting Illini colors … So she posted it to Reddit, where it got a substantial number of "upvotes." The students hope to do its part in … That was in early June, and she didn’t think much more about it over the summer. The color codes: RGB, CYMK for print, Hex for web and the Pantone colors can be seen below. The idea … The unofficial vote in Friday's election was 3,510 in support to 3,807 against. … Spencer Hulsey/Originally posted on Reddit The University of Illinois says it has no plans to unveil a new mascot after students … The student election commission released results Monday night, two days sooner than planned: 4,222 voted in favor of the Belted Kingfisher while 3,597 were against it. The name “Fighting Otters” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I think we need something unique and something special. “It’s kind of reminiscent of the Alma Otter mascot, just because it was another one started as a UIUC meme page on Facebook or Reddit,” Josellis said. University of Illinois senior Spencer Hulsey's design for a new mascot: the appropriately orange-and-blue-colored belted kingfisher, which is native to Illinois. Chief Illiniwek would perform during halftime at Illinois football and basketball games, wearing a feathered headdress and buckskin clothes, and dancing whil… Illinois is describing its future mascot as the school's first, preferring to call Chief Illiniwek a symbol. Chief Illiniwek was the mascot of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign ( UIUC), associated with the University's intercollegiate athletic programs, from. However, it would be nice to finally get a unifying mascot back on the fields and courts to support the Illini as they try their best to win (but typically don’t). Success! Now I’m not saying we should replace the team name “Fighting Illini”. Yes, it’s cute, which isn’t typically what a sports team would want representing them. And not a cartoonist soldier. Photo courtesy of UIUC juniors John Falwick, Austin Lindell and Connor Latham. Jones said last week that a mascot is a possibility, but he and his team are still reviewing that recommendation and others from the Commission on Native American Imagery. Hulsey, a senior majoring in physics, grew up on a farm near Kinmundy where kingfishers lived on a pond. The time period during which the “Fighting Illini” nickname developed coincided with the use of Native American imagery, usually in a romantic style. University of Illinois senior Spencer Hulsey's design for a new mascot: the appropriately orange-and-blue-colored belted kingfisher, which is native to Illinois. Winds light and variable. Will latest proposal for new UI mascot take wing? But some just didn’t like that particular concept. “It’s just a matter of finding something we can all get behind, which is incredibly hard with a student body of 51,000 students. However, the Otter isn’t just a random choice to fit with a pun. Heck, Ohio State’s mascot is a tree nut and Indiana’s mascot is literally just a person who lives in Indiana, and both of those schools have massive school spirit.
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